What Exactly Is 3D Rendering?

Think of some of the recent animation movies like Shrek, Ice Age, Monsters Inc., they all fall under the category of 3D animation movies. The hundreds of man hours involved in getting those images on the screen; most of them were devoted to 3D rendering. A 3D rendering is basically the technique to produce an image on the basis of a 3D image stored in a computer database.

It is a highly creative process engaging lighting, creating scenes and images completely from scratch as all the images are imaginary; born out of person’s creative mind. There is tremendous work involved in 3D rendering as the scenes are completely created out of imagination. How the scene is shot, depicted, lit etc, everything is rendered with 100% control of the creators. 3D rendering is quite a complex and time consuming process. Each pixel needs to be photographed and depicted in ways that make them seem vibrant and “real”. How each pixel will be colored, how the lighting would be used and in what intensity; each step is detailed and requires creative and technical efforts of superior quality. Essentially, 3D rendering for movies takes up several months and several computers working continuously for the same period.